Personal bikes 


Make employees commuting more dynamics, ecological and fun: propose shared bikes.
Those could be used for : clients meetings commute, home-work trips, to go to another site of your company or to meet someone for a lunch. Be sure they arrive on time and in good shape.

KAMEO Bikes takes care of everything:
- advice to select the best bikes,
- maintenance at your company,
- insurance and assistance
- Easy-to-use fleet management solution, connected and secure,
- Installation of infrastructure

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Vélos électriques BZEN brandés aux couleurs d'Atradius

Choice of bikes

With more than 3 years of experience in bike sharing, let us advice you on the bikes that suit the best to your project.

We propose bikes that are perfect for bike sharing and we work with recognized manufacturers such as BZEN,CONWAY and AHOOGA.

Do you want your company branding on bikes? We take care of it as well!

BZEN - flotte de vélos

Secured access

Keys managemnet

Maintenance request

Recharging batteries

Access to accessories

Bike booking

Users management

Bike policy

Monitoring / Control

Fleet management

You don't want to spend to much time in bike management? Good news! We developped a digital solution to help the shared bikes management.

It works as a booking plateform and we have a physical box to automate the keys exchanges

Test it during 1 month!

We offer you to test our solution before officialy taking it.
Contact us for a free trial.

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The key to a successful mobility experience is to always have bicycles in perfect condition. This is why we carry out maintenance at the company's site during working hours.

Bicycles have a significant value, it is therefore important to be covered against theft or any other damage. For this reason, KAMEO Bikes teamed up with Aedes and Dedale in order to offer its customers the most complete and flexible comprehensive insurance on the market today: the P-Vélo.

PVELO - l'assurance vélo
Schéma d'une infrastructure réalisable par KAMEO Bikes


Your company is not yet equipped with a bicycle parking?
KAMEO Bikes, strong of its experience, can advise you and provide you with a customized installation for your project.

Do not hesitate to ask us for an offer.


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